Thanks to a new Dallas restaurant, lunch now comes with an extra side of fresh meat.

Meant to be a response to the chain restaurant Hooters, there is now a place called “Tallywackers.” Officially open for business it features an all-male wait staff decked out in short shorts and tight tank tops.

Owner Rodney Duke says for years he wondered why there wasn't a male equivalent to hooters so he decided to create his own. The business describes itself as a bar, restaurant and entertainment destination for everyone. Duke says there is eye candy for men and women, great food and the promise of a really good time.

But despite following Hooter's scantily clad business model there is one big difference with “Tallywackers.” When you enter the restaurant you get to check out the lineup and determine which waiter you would like to serve you.

There are currently 24 waiters on staff from an application pool of more than a hundred. Duke says he plans to open another location in Houston. Guess we'll find out how big it really gets in Texas.