Disney's Tough Love


The happiest place on earth is getting tough with tourists.

The list just keeps on growing. First it was Rome’s Colosseum, then the Smithsonian and the Louvre; now Disney has added the magic kingdom to the growing number of places that are banning selfie sticks.

The entertainment company is placing anti selfie sticks around its parks and having staff enforce the ban. Before you take off on your next ride the person running it might remind you to keep any selfie sticks safely stashed. The ban comes after tourists thought it would be a good idea to use the picture taking accessory when the ride was in motion. In one case Thunder Mountain Railroad had to be stopped numerous times because of selfie stick use.

Disney says not only is it dangerous the sticks are a nuisance for the people around you that aren't as concerned with the perfect selfie. Some theme parks are even going as far as installing metal detectors on ride lines to see if you're smuggling a selfie stick in. Maybe it's time to just hang them up for good.