Bad Behavior


One big mistake can end your career; but a handful of minor mishaps won't help things either.

There are things you could be doing every day that are slowly killing your chance at keeping your nine to five. And they're not doing much for your hopes of a promotion or a raise either. To help you figure out whether or not you're sabotaging your own career MSN Money has put together a list of fifteen examples of bad behaviors to avoid.

First up is a failure to adapt to company behavior. Every office operates under its own social customs. Failing to adhere to these can alienate you to your co-workers and makes it hard to form any positive relationships.

Next up is always making excuses. Not taking responsibility for your mistakes and failures will catch up with you. Always trying to find someone else to blame when something doesn't go right isn't a good look either.

To see the other habits you should avoid click the link below. There's no excuse for bad behavior, especially when you know what it is.