Winter Business


Part of the east coast is waving the white flag at winter.

It's been a rough winter for everyone from Nashville to Nantucket. Temperatures have dropped to the teens and the snow piles are higher than cars. So the tourism office of Ithaca, New York decided to throw in the towel.

About a week ago the home page for displayed pictures of sunny Florida with links to exploring Miami and Key West. The top of its page read “That's it. We surrender. Winter you win. Key west anyone?” But now the gimmick is having a different effect.

Delighted by the tongue in cheek way Ithaca’s website is handling what is being called the most ridiculous weather ever, thousands of people are flocking to the site. A few days ago all the online traffic caused it to crash. Now Ithaca is scaling back on its message to send people to Florida.

But on the plus side the office is fielding a record number of calls from people eager to visit Ithaca and its obvious sense of humor.