Invisible Love


Tired of looking for love? Now you can create it.

Earlier this week a new app launched called invisible boyfriend; or invisible girlfriend. For a monthly fee of just under $25 you can create your partner’s photo, name, interests and a story about how the two of you met. Then over the course of the next four weeks your fake boyfriend or girlfriend will send you 100 text messages, 10 voice mails and one postcard.

The messages are sent by real people who can see your previous messages and know your back story. That way they seem genuine. The company’s co-founder Matthew Homann says he came up with the idea after going through a divorce about eight years ago. He says when everyone started asking if he was dating anyone, he realized it would be easier to just say he was. He says he thought there might be a lot of people being asked about their personal life and judged for being single.

Now they have a way to avoid the awkwardness, unless of course someone asks to meet your invisible partner.