Social Stress

social media.png

Feeling a little stressed out? Hit up social media.

According to a new survey, sites such as Twitter and Instagram can relieve stress levels; especially in women. The pew research center surveyed 1,800 Americans and found that people who spend their life online do not have higher stress levels than people who don't.

It also found that while women have higher stress levels than men, being able to share things online eases the burden. The study showed that women who tweet, respond to or send at least 25 emails a day and share at least two pictures are less stressed than women who don't. Experts say these activities are a coping mechanism not taken advantage of by everyone.

But there is one site that can be blamed for any tension in your shoulders. According to the survey spending time on Facebook can actually give you more things to worry about. That's because people post very private information so you are learning about all the hardships your friends are going through, including divorce or illness. Some things are better left unsaid, or posted.