On The Job Weight Gain


Is your 9 to 5 weighing you down? It might not be your work load.

Recently careerbuilder.com surveyed 3,000 workers in a variety of jobs. It found that 39% of them have recently gained weight; and for a variety of reasons all of them blame work.

According to workers one of the top things to blame is the freebie table. Every office has one. It’s the place where treats and leftovers are placed for people to polish off. And in most cases they don’t follow a healthy diet plan. Then there are stress levels; when the pressure gets to you the stress hormone cortisol triggers sugar cravings and it stores fat around the midsection.

But the trouble isn’t only on the inside. People who work in or commute through areas with lots of drive-thrus and fast food are most likely to stop for a quick bite.

For more things that are adding inches plus tips to shave them off click the link below. I don’t think workers comp covers weight watchers of a larger wardrobe.