Holiday Shopping


We’re a week away from black Friday and stores are doing everything they can to get shoppers offline and in the store.

To satisfy people looking for the best deal Wal-Mart executives are telling store managers to price match Amazon and other online retailers. This is an extension of the company’s ad match program which allows customers to bring in ads from other stores.

If the competitor is offering a lower price, Wal-Mart will match that. But now with people heading online to complete their holiday shopping Wal-Mart is getting more aggressive. According to Forbes magazine this could also help Wal-Mart get on top of another shopping trend that’s stealing business.

Shoppers are going into stores then using various apps such as ShopSavvy or Price Grabber to find the same product for a cheaper price online. Forbes says the plan will most likely pay off for the retail giant. It says if customers know Wal-Mart is offering the best price both online and off they won’t need to go elsewhere. And with a season that doesn’t sleep the less stops you make the better.