State Facts


You might be proud of where you're from; but one company is giving you a reason to hide your head in shame.

We might make up the 50 United States of America but if you go by our internet search histories each state is very independent. To highlight the differences the real estate company Estately ran hundreds of search questions through Google trends to see which words and terms each state searches more than any other. And the results might surprise and possibly disturb you.

For example people in Alabama are most curious about fox news, god and impeaching president Obama. On the other side of the country people in California are looking up Google glass, Paris Hilton, Rogaine and what does Siri look like?

The company says the results could help people decide where to buy a home. At the very least it gives a vague idea of the environment and what your future neighbors might be into. To check out how weird your state is click the link below. Might make your next block party a little more interesting.