Segregated Sidewalks


China is segregating its sidewalks; and the division is based on cell phone use.

One of the busiest sidewalks in southwestern China now has two lanes. One for people that on their cell phones and one for people that are not. The lanes are 50 meters long and three meters wide and have white warning signs painted on the ground.

A spokesperson for the developer who came up with the idea says the separate lanes are mainly meant for tourists who aren’t used to China’s crowded streets. He says this could save people from potential safety hazards or embarrassing situations.

Developers say they were inspired by a similar experiment in Washington D.C. but despite their enthusiasm not everyone thinks the idea of split traffic is a good one. Some people say this is not a long term solution and could become an indulgence for phone addicts.

Others disagree saying something needs to be done because by the end of the year the number of smartphone users in China will exceed 500 million. And they’re going to need somewhere to walk and text.