Puppy Love


The dating app tinder is now matching people with a different type of mate.

Tinder got its start by matching people with other users who happened to be in their general area. But if you’re looking for a four legged type of love the app is now matching people with rescue dogs.

Since the profiles of pups in need began popping up last week more than 2,000 matches have been made. Users who swipe yes to one of the puppy pics will receive a message with a link to the organization that rescued and is currently housing the dog. For people looking for more of a short term commitment there is the option of fostering a pooch for two weeks. Or if you’re after a one time hook up you can volunteer to take a dog for a walk.

The accounts were created by a team of interns from “The Barn;” a program of the creative brand service agency BBH. So far tinder hasn’t responded to the canine profiles that are popping up on its dating site. Looks like the competition is heating up.