The Cost of Coffee


Your next caffeine fix is going to cost a little extra.

Earlier this week Starbucks added an extra pump to the price of some of its drinks. The increase will be between 5 and 20 cents. For example a 20 ounce vent sized cup of brewed coffee will now set you back $2.35. An increase of either 10 or 20 cents depending on the city you buy it in.

The company says some of its most popular drinks such as Grande sized lattes, tall brewed coffees and Frappuccino’s won’t be affected. In addition to that the cost of Starbucks packaged coffee in grocery stores will go up one dollar beginning July 21st.

But the world’s largest coffee house isn’t the only one brewing up higher prices. The cost of Folgers, Maxwell House and Dunkin Donuts all went up last month. All this comes after a drought in Brazil that affected a majority of the coffee beans. Brazilian farmers say they don’t mind because now they can charge more for their product. Waking up just got a bit more expensive.