Rent a Gent


Turns out money can buy everything; even a little quality time.

For the starting price of $200 an hour Rent a Gent allows you to buy the man of your choice to fulfill a variety of needs. Some of these include fixing your car, cleaning your house and taking you on a date. But the company does have one strict rule. No matter the purpose of your purchase there is no hanky panky allowed; at least while your gentleman is on the clock.

And no matter your needs the price might be worth it. CEO Sara Shikhman says the interview process to select the men for the site is rigorous. She says she can interview up to one hundred men before finding someone she finds suitable. And after that they still need to demonstrate and prove their skills in front of a panel of women.

Critics say the website objectifies men but Shikhman says sometimes you just need the help of a man and one might not be around. There might not be strings attached; but there's definitely a price tag.