The Cost of Meat


The price of meat is going up and carnivores everywhere are choking on the extra cost.

At a time of year when U.S. meat prices are usually at seasonal lows, meat is rising higher than almost any other food group. Over the past six months the cost of beef has jumped 30% in six months. Meanwhile the cost of pork has surged 20% in the past month alone.

Brian McDonald is a competitive eater who has put down almost a dozen 11 ounce hamburgers and used his winnings to open his own restaurant. He says the cost of meat is making him gag and unfortunately he doesn't see it changing anytime soon. In fact he thinks this is just the beginning.

The domestic cattle herd is the smallest it's been since 1951 and the spread of a piglet killing disease is thinning out the pig supply. The only winner in the case of rising costs is chicken which is now ruling the market. And for cash strapped families it might be your only option; unless you're ready to embrace your inner herbivore.