Presidential Wealth

white house.png

We just celebrated president's day and while you might not always appreciate the job our leaders do it's paid off; for them.

Every year he is president the commander in chief receives a salary of $400,000. In today's world that barely comes close to the salaries of top executives. But with book deals, investments and family money most presidents don't even touch their government issued paychecks. Others need it to survive and despite living at the most prestigious address in the country are considered middle class.

To see how the most powerful man in our country has stacked up through time 24/7 Wall St. has made a list of the ten wealthiest presidents. The only one still alive on the list is Bill Clinton with a net worth of $55 million. Most of that money is from book deals and speeches by both President Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

To see the list including who the wealthiest leader of the free world use the link below. Hail to the chief indeed.