The Tax Man Cometh


You have almost eight week to get ready for the tax man; better get started.

You might consider this a wakeup call for all you tax procrastinators out there. April 15th may seem a long way away, but not if you'll need help from the IRS.

According to a front page article in USA Today this past week, customer service is bad and getting worse, thanks in part to Congress consistently cutting the IRS budget. According to a report from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, whose job it is to take the taxpayers side at the IRS, 39% of those who called the IRS last year simply hung up out of frustration before their call was answered. Those who did get through had to wait on hold an average of 17.6 minutes before speaking with a customer service representative. That of course means not a lot of customer service is getting done.

No wonder so many taxpayers turn to outside specialists such as accountants and enrolled agents to prepare their returns. That's big business for those experts; but at your expense.