Kangaroo Meat


Australia wants to sell off its kangaroo meat; and it’s hoping china will hop on board.

Over the next eight years China’s appetite for meat is expected to rise nearly 17%. And to help curb the hunger pains Australia is offering up steaks of kangaroo meat.

Australian officials say after the wet weather last year the kangaroo population exploded. But not many people in the land down under are interested in indulging. Nearly a fifth of Aussies say they wouldn’t eat kangaroos for ethical reasons. Others are reluctant to eat something that appears in the country’s national coat of arms.

Now Australia’s largest processor of kangaroo meat is hoping to tempt the taste buds of the Chinese. He says in Australia kangaroo steaks sell for almost nine dollars a pound. But he thinks they can inflate the price in China by promoting the meat as an exclusive item with health benefits such as high protein and low fat. And he thinks they'll bite; especially because Chinese restaurants already serve meat from cats, dogs and rats. Why not add a little marsupial to the menu?