Technology Test Labs

test lab.png

Some of the country's biggest retailers are going after a new customer; technology.

Target, Kohl's and the home shopping network QVC are among the half dozen retailers that are opening up a new type of shop in Silicon Valley. Called technology test labs the idea is to improve a company's website and create mobile shopping apps.

Retailers say these labs will help them stay on top of the latest trends in the technological world and compete with online rivals such as Amazon and eBay. Plus they need to keep up with customers. According to the National Retail Federation people are spending more than half their time online shopping with smartphones, tablets and computers. And what better place to find people in touch with technology than Silicon Valley?

Walmart was the first to open a technology lab and says it's already seeing results. Its website has a better search engine, it's app guides customers straight to products and soon it will be emailing receipts to people who purchase items in stores. Customers want to shop online and customers are always right; even if you can't see them.