Airline Fees


Airlines are introducing more fees; but passengers might actually get on board with these ones.

Revenue from baggage fees and reservation changes is tapering off so airlines are introducing another way to line their pockets. But instead of charging you for necessary services these are meant to give you a taste of the good life.

For example airlines are now renting out Apple iPads pre-loaded with movies, selling hot first class meals in coach and letting passengers pay to have an empty seat next to them. But it doesn't stop there.

Airlines say in the near future they plan to use personal information to customize the travel experience to each individual passenger. That will include tracking people as they make their way through the airport; that way if you clear security hours ahead of your flight time you might be emailed a discounted day pass for the airline's lounge.

Airline consultants say the only problem with this is making sure they don't cross the line from considerate to creepy. The new fees are already taking off; now everyone can get a taste of first class.