Apple's Golden Ticket


Apple is working on a new flavor and it’s not sitting well with the target audience.

According to its supply source in Taiwan Apple's new iPhone will come cloaked in gold. The Silicon Valley powerhouse has yet to comment; but experts say with China expected to overtake India as the world's biggest gold consumer this new option is clearly aimed at the Far East.

Unfortunately they might not be buying it; literally. Shoppers at an Apple store in Beijing say gold should not be coupled with what they consider the pinnacle of modern technology. They say they are more concerned with screen size and operating system then color.

This experiment with options comes after Apple sales in China dropped 43% in the last quarter. Analysts say Apple needs to bring in new customers and simply adding gold paint won't cut it. In fact most of the younger people in China are moving away from gold and buying up platinum when it comes to weddings and gifts.

Apple might be expanding but people aren't biting; I guess all that glitters really isn't gold.