Ordinary Heroes


Superman is a box office hero; now his powers are coming to an ordinary citizen near you.

Researchers at Harvard and Boston university have developed an exoskeleton suit designed to make the wearer stronger and faster. The suit was designed for the department of defense and when on the body it can make people stronger than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet.

The suit is made of specially designed fabrics and air tubes that wrap around the legs of the user. When the wearer moves their legs the suit acts as a type of assistant and gives them an extra boost. Right now early prototypes of the suit feature a backpack and lots of tubing.

Researchers say they will continue modifying the technology until it can fit into normal fitting clothing. Making it easy to maneuver; not to mention easy to access when time to spring into action.

And when fully developed researchers hope the suit can be used not only for soldiers, but athletes needing a boost and people recovering from injuries. Now all they need is a cape.