Going the Distance


Sometimes a good idea; can really go the distance.

“My co-founder and I live in San Francisco and before Uber it was almost impossible to get a ride. And so we just wanted to push a button and get a ride and we wanted it to be a classy ride.”

Travis Kalanick is CEO and co-founder of San Francisco based Uber. Once he and his partner decided they wanted a town car at their fingertips they developed an app. First they wanted to keep it exclusive so Kalanick locked it with a special code. But once his inbox was flooded with requests they opened the app to everyone; and Uber was born.

Now the company has expanded from Uber Black which is top of the line town cars to taxi cabs, cheaper cars such as a Prius or Camry and limos. And the service has expanded from the city by the bay; Uber can now be used all over the world. I myself have successfully tested it in both New York and Paris. Nothing like fueling the economy; with a little innovation.