Food and Wine

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Sometimes the food and wine industry isn’t just about taste.

Mark Stanich is the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Digital Media at American Express Publishing. At a recent food and wine festival I talked to him about changes in the industry; an important topic to the company which publishes Food and Wine magazine. Stanich says over the past few years people began focusing more on the food and less on the wine; but now that’s changing and the industry is realizing they go hand in hand.

“A great meal being not just the food a great meal is really the experience and part of that experience is what you’re drinking with the food.”

Stanich says the industry is also relying more on technology. From every aspect to producing the wine to how he distributes the information.

“As people look to get greater yields from crops, or find better ways of creating wines, more efficient ways of bottling them people are much more running the wine business as a business.”

Sometimes things are better in twos; especially when it can double your revenue.