Not So Fresh


Fast food menus are designed to entice you; but one word could end up turning your stomach.

The word “fresh” used to conjure up images of good for you ingredients but thanks to quick and easy restaurants “fresh” means anything but. According to a Yahoo News blog when people see the word fresh on a menu they think it means unprocessed or healthy; a perception that restaurants are using to their advantage.

Mark Crumpacker is the Chief Marketing Officer for Chipotle. He says there are no rules around the word fresh and it has become a favorite adjective for the industry to toss around. According to the blog McDonald’s markets its salads as “yummy, fresh, freedom in a bowl.” But add a little dressing and that same salad contains as much calories as a double cheeseburger. Most pizza places advertise freshly made ingredients; but in reality most of those ingredients are frozen and transported by truck.

Restaurant consultants say “fresh” is fast food’s magic word because customers think it translates to mean good for their waistline. Who knew fresh could be so stale.