Dead on Facebook


Every now and then a Hollywood star is reported dead; despite the fact they are alive and kicking, now you can meet the same fate.

A while back I reported that Facebook offered users the option to have their final messages posted to their account. But this would only be uploaded if a pre-selected person could prove you had actually passed away.

But apparently the high standards may not work. According to a Yahoo news blog, if someone reports you as dead to Facebook; they will deactivate your account no questions asked.

One Facebook user says all you have to do to say someone is dead is send a message to the company complete with a link to an obituary. And if the name in the obit matches the account then the account is dropped.

Since there are many duplicate names in the world, this is an easy practical joke to play. And once you’re dead it can take days for Facebook to revive you.

And for some members of the social media world, being locked out of Facebook is a fate worse than death.