In Flight Internet


The world is becoming more connected; 35,000 feet in the air.

Earlier this week the Federal Communications Commission announced it was making it easier to adopt in flight internet service. Before this the Commission would only clear companies as and when it was needed because the process was so extensive.

The Commission’s latest move cuts the time needed for regulatory approval by 50%, giving more companies a chance to compete. This means more options for airlines and passengers. Once a company meets the Commission’s standards, airlines will test its system to make sure there is no interference. After that final approval is needed from the FAA.

This is all part of an attempt to meet passenger demands and allow more electronics on board. However it won’t change the ban on the in flight use of cellphones. The FCC says there is too much concern that phones will interfere with ground stations. So instead it is working to bring the world to your above ground fingertips. Guess your excuse for a break from work just flew away.