Tis the season to over-do everything; but one Arizona woman has found a way around it.

Every year Kristina Green's neighbor puts up an elaborate light display right after Thanksgiving. This year he used 22,000 twinklers to light up the neighborhood with Christmas spirit. Not to be outdone and knowing she couldn't compete Green asked the flashy neighbor to decorate her house. So with just 600 lights he spelled out the word "ditto" with an arrow pointing back at his winter wonderland.

Now Green says it's her house that is getting all the attention. She says her house has become somewhat of an attraction around her small southern Arizona town with around 150 people coming by every night. Now the family has created a Facebook page for their "ditto" sign and is fielding calls from the media wanting to know more about the unusual decorating.

Check out these pictures for a look at the "ditto" sign as well as the competing display. So Kristina gets more attention and a cheaper power bill.