A Bumpy Road


Apple is heading in a new direction with their maps app.

Since the iPhone 5 was launched on the eager audience complaints have come rolling in about the maps feature. These included things such as melted bridges, closed restaurants and farms being listed as airports. Even CEO Tim Cook admitted the blunder issuing an apology to loyal Apple fans and promising a quick solution.

And to find that solution the company is looking to its blue shirted hourly employees. According to a new report from Mac Rumors multiple Apple stores are devoting forty staff hours per week to fixing the maps problem. This means teams of employees will be hitting the streets double checking the apps accuracy and making sure the burger restaurant it says is on the corner isn't really a bank.

Employees then report any problems they find to their store's designated subject matter expert who submit them to an internal database.

Critics say this is a good way to improve its product quickly but wonder why this type of research wasn't completed pre-launch. The road to success is bumpy especially if you can't find the road.