Sex Ed


Class is in session for students in New York; and one after school activity is getting special attention.

Thanks to a new program students as young as 14 can get birth control at 13 city high schools without parental consent. The program is called CATCH or “Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health.” It gives students access to oral contraceptives including the controversial morning after pill.

But it’s not a free for all. Parents can fill out an opt-out form that will exclude their children from the program. And if they don’t; students can visit the school nurse to get all the anti-reproduction materials they need. The city says the program is an attempt to stop the teen pregnancy trend. It says the young mothers tend to drop out of school and the business of taking care of them and their offspring can be expensive for taxpayers.

While some people think it’s a crazy way to spend city funds; parents are on board. So far only 1 to 2% of parents have chosen to opt out of the program. Looks like sex ed just got a whole new lesson plan.