Apple Related Crime


It seems the big apple is not very apple friendly.

According to a New York City daily web-blog; the city’s police department is reporting a spike in Apple product related crime. Police say over the last year crimes involving Apple have increased by more than 40%. A rate that is ten times larger than the overall crime increase which stands at just 4%.

New York police attribute the spree to the soaring popularity of Apple products and the recent release of the iPhone 5. Sneaking up behind someone and stealing their new phone is more appealing to law breaking citizens then standing in line and paying full price.

Police are reminding people in the big city to be alert and aware of their surroundings. They say keep your iPhones and other handheld devices close to you. To emphasize the point the blog says it would not be a good idea to stroll through Central Park alone at 2 AM using your phone’s navigation system to get you home.

Everyone wants a piece of the Apple; and they’ll cut down the tree to get it.