An Apple Shortage

iPhone Design.jpg

The iPhone 5 is launching all over the world and demand is taking a huge bite of supply.

Since hitting store shelves Apple has sold more than five million iPhone 5 smartphones. But while that’s good news for the company’s bottom line it could be bad news for consumers anxiously awaiting their latest gadget.

Earlier this week Apple said it had run out of its initial supply which could delay the pre-orders set to go out early next month. Complicating matters more is the riot that broke out at Apple’s largest contract manufacturer. The brawl between 2,000 employees happened at a Chinese factory responsible for making parts for the new iPhone and assembling it. Rumors are also flying that Apple’s key supplier for screens is struggling to raise funds and pay of debt. Because of this manufacturing the display screens for the new phone has taken a back seat.

Despite the setback it’s nothing but optimism from the world’s most valuable company. CEO Tim Cook says Apple is working hard to build enough iPhones for everyone. It’s the kind of problem any company would like to have.

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