The Most Valuable Landmark


The world is full of famous landmarks; but which is the most valuable sight to see?

A new study by Italy’s Monza and Brianza chamber of commerce is calculating the value of some of the most recognized buildings and monuments in the world. But since none of these landmarks is actually up for sale their values were estimated by looking at the annual number of visitors and the amount of money brought in by those visitors.

For example the Coliseum in Rome is valued at $90 billion. And the Tower of London comes in at $70 billion. But topping the list as the most valuable landmark in the world is the Eiffel tower at $544 billion. Last year alone seven million people paid to visit one of its three viewing platforms. This number is expected to grow next year when the tower is temporarily covered in plants to highlight sustainable energy efforts.

And outside of Europe the most valuable landmark is the White House at $101 billion dollars. Apparently you can put a price on anything.