Saving the World


The clean tech gurus are gathering; and they’re fighting for efficiency.

Rex Northen is executive director of the Cleantech Open. A company that started in California’s Silicon Valley and has spread across the country to the rest of the world. It began in 2006 by a group of business leaders who saw clean technology coming and also saw the potential for clean tech companies to fail.

“That wouldn’t matter if the start ups were developing some new table but it does matter if the technologies they’re developing can help change the planet.”

Right now the annual Cleantech Open Accelerator is underway. Since June the field has narrowed from hundreds of companies across the country to just 24. Those 24 will face off in November in Silicon Valley, the Hollywood of clean technology.

“There will be one grand prize winner who will win a quarter of a million dollars in investment and in services.”

For more on the upcoming event and the competition itself keep reading or go to the link below. Sometimes saving the world requires a little backup.

The Global Forum takes place on November 8th and 9th
Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California
Tickets available at website below