Poolside Prison


With your country on the brink of bankruptcy; it’s probably not a good time to pamper prisoners.

Recently Greece’s justice administration ordered the destruction of a 24 foot long pool at the country’s largest maximum security prison. And it wasn’t just any pool; it came complete with a waterfall and barbecue pits.

The pool’s existence at the jail was reported by a newspaper in Athens. Shortly after its existence went public the ministry said it had been built without permission and did not comply with the country’s health and safety standards. Greece’s prison association was quick to defend the pool saying the money to build it had been raised and its use was limited to staff and prisoners of the psychiatric wing.

The association is disappointed over the destruction of the pool saying it improved morale. It says the country’s money problems has transferred to the prison which is overcrowded due to a spike in finance related crimes. But the ministry says the pool is unacceptable and sends a bad message. If you do the crime in Greece you’re doing the time; and it won’t be poolside.