Puppy Adoption Program


San Francisco’s homeless population is going to the dogs.

In about a week the city by the bay will launch a new program designed to get panhandlers off the street. According to the San Francisco Chronicle the program, which is the first in the country will offer panhandlers a small stipend to stop begging and become a foster parent to a puppy.

The idea is called Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos or “Woof” and is the brain child of a former city supervisor. First applicants are screened by animal care and control. In order to qualify needs to live in supportive housing and not on the street. They must also show they are not severely ill or hoarders. They cannot have a history of violence and if an addict must be seeking treatment.

If approved they are given a puppy to care for until they’re adopted. In exchange for being a foster parent they will get $50 to $75 a week. Dog food, toys and veterinary care will also be provided. It’s a dog eat dog world; might as well work together.