A Piece of Apple


Everyone wants a piece of Apple and the perks are rolling in.

These days it’s not just customers that are willing to spend time and money for everything Apple has to offer. Now cities are jumping on the fruit flavored bandwagon. In order to convince the company to move into a neighborhood cities are offering Apple sweet heart deals that range from free rent to prime locations.

Recently Salt Lake City inked a deal to bring an Apple store to the downtown area. And to convince the powerhouse to move in Apple was offered five years of free rent. The company was also offered a bargain of $60 per square foot of space to open a small store in the well traveled hub of New York’s Grand Central terminal. This is $140 less than other retailers pay for the same space plus Apple is not required to give the city’s transit company a cut of the profits.

City leaders say the Apple logo is a sign that a neighborhood has arrived and cutting a deal is worth it for the business the company brings in. And it’s a big slice of business.