The Psychic Pig


Paul the psychic octopus has died and now his fortune telling position has been filled.

Paul shot to fame during the 2010 World Cup after it was discovered that his feeding behavior was accurately predicting the winner of Germany’s matches. He also foretold that Spain was going to beat the Netherlands in the finals.

Now the world is looking for a new member of the animal kingdom to guide it in the right direction; and it has chosen a Ukrainian pig. The government of Kiev, located in northern Ukraine, says the pig will be used to predict the results of matches at the European championships. A statement from the government says the pig is unique and understands the mystery of the game. It says every day at 4:00 it will pick the winner of the upcoming match.

And aside from helping people place the right bet the government says the pig will boost interest in the championship. So part of his job will include appearances before each game to meet and greet fans. It might not pay well but considering pork is a staple of the local cuisine; it sure beats the alternative.