Robotic Satisfaction


The future of the sex industry could get a little stiff.

A science article recently published in the journal “Futures” is taking an intimate look at the future of the sex industry. The article says that in the year 2050 brothels will offer robots instead of people for your disease and guilt free pleasure. And while the paper is meant to paint a fictitious picture of the future the authors say this is a very real possibility.

They say we continue to have intimate relationships with technology and most people can’t live without their favorite gadget. Plus the unusual idea is not without its perks. People wouldn’t have to worry about picking up anything extra and robots would reduce the trafficking of real people for sex work.

The paper envisioned robots made from bacteria resistant fiber that could be cleaned after each use. The article says other drivers toward an intimate future with robots include the booming sex industry and people’s quest for perfection that can’t be achieved without plastic surgery. Personal satisfaction that comes with an off switch; this could be the key to a lasting relationship.

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