Beetle in Your Coffee


Bet you didn’t know there were beetles in your coffee.

Bowing to pressure from its vegetarian customers; Starbucks has just announced that it is phasing out a key ingredient. The coffee powerhouse will now stop using a natural, government approved coloring made from crushed beetles. This coloring is used to make strawberry flavoring and is a staple in menu items such as frappuccinos, smoothies and some deserts.

Cliff Burrows is the president of Starbucks U.S. He says after a thorough and attentive investigation they are reformulating the affected products. He says the company wants to maintain the highest quality possible. So now instead of beetles, Starbucks will start using lycopene; a natural tomato based extract. Burrows is apologizing for falling short of customer expectations.

The national outcry began in March when a blogger became aware of the un-appetizing addition and started an online petition. And anyone not willing to indulge in crushed beetles should look a little closer at what they’re eating or drinking. The FDA says the beetle is a commonly used and approved food coloring. But businesses beware; if it’s enough to turn people away from their caffeine fix your customers could be the next ones to crawl away.