The Town Sale


The gavel has fallen and the chance to own your own town has ended.

Recently I told you that the town of Buford, Wyoming was being auctioned off at a starting bid of $100,000. The ten acre piece of land included a convenience store, school and modular home. Earlier this week the auction began and just eleven minutes later Buford had a new mayor.

The winning bid was $900,000 and came from an unidentified buyer from Vietnam. He says he made the trip to Wyoming to bid on the land for a chance to own a piece of the American dream. In a statement he says that owning property in this country has always been his goal.

And he wasn’t the only one interested; the sale of the tiny town attracted online viewers and bidders from 46 countries. The auction house handling the sale says it has never seen this type of attention for one lot. It says everyone wanted a chance to live in the Wild West and get away from it all. Nothing says solitude like “population one.”