An Honest Policy


Sex sells; unless you’re in China.

China’s state food and drug administration is preparing to ban health supplement makers from naming their products after sex, God or eternal life. It says these terms are vulgar or linked with superstition and can no longer be used as a marketing tool. Other works making the black list include powerful, magical results, miraculous and extraordinary.

The country’s FDA says there have been too many cases involving quality concerns over food and drugs. So in response to consumer complaints about bogus medical guarantees and poor drug supervision the government is trying to restore confidence in the country’s goods. And this includes new and strong crackdowns on China’s food and drug industry which the FDA says has been loosely regulated for far too long.

In 2007 the former head of the department was executed for taking bribes and disregarding his official duties after a series of drug related scandals while he held the position. Now the FDA says it is time for change and they’re starting with outrageous claims by drug companies. They say honesty is the best policy; but will it be the most profitable?

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