In the Dark Dining


In the dark dining is lighting up the east coast.

What started as a bizarre fad has gone main stream and now the chain restaurant “Dans Le Noir” is opening in New York City. The restaurant is staffed by blind waiters and diners enjoy everything from drinks to desert in complete darkness. The company which began in Paris has already expanded into London, Moscow, Barcelona and St. Petersburg.

The restaurant’s founder says he wanted to show that a company where 50% of the staff are heavily handicapped can be profitable, thrive each year and become and international hit. When customers enter the restaurant they are guided past heavy black curtains by visually impaired waiters. Then they are served a surprise three to four course meal.

One customer says the experience was surprising. He says you have no idea what’s on your plate and your senses are completely confused.

The New York location will feature four surprise menus and will be located near Times Square. A three course dinner with wine starts at $56 dollars per person; and the restaurant is already fully booked for the first three weeks. Everyone appreciates a gimmick; even if you can’t see it.