Immoral Laughter


Life in china is taking a turn for the serious.

Earlier this week the Chinese media reported that the country will be cutting back on entertainment oriented television shows to focus on ones that build morale. This includes everything from sitcoms to dating game shows to dance broadcasts. China’s state administration of radio, film and television says it is aiming to restrict anything that records what they call “the dark and gloomy side of society.”

It says for every satellite TV station no more than two entertainment shows can be aired during prime time. The extra time slots will be filled with content that promotes harmony, health and mainstream culture. In addition to the restriction on anything light-hearted; the agency says at least two hours of news has to be broadcast at the end of the day on 34 different stations.

And the censorship isn’t unusual. The country routinely shuts down anything it considers politically sensitive or offensive in anything from songs to movies. And in response people are turning to the distribution of bootleg DVD’s for some comic relief. Sometimes you need a laugh; even if it’s immoral.