A Successful Bid


Hoping to buy your way into the workforce; it’s going to cost you.

Ted Weschler was the managing partner at the Peninsula Capital Advisors hedge fund. According to MSN Money for the last two years he has been the anonymous bidder to win a private dinner with billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Each year he won buffet’s exclusive company with a bid of $2.6 million. The money goes to benefit Glide Memorial, a well known mission and church located in San Francisco. But this year his bid bought him more than just a meal.

Usually the winner of the auction gets lunch with buffet at a New York steak house. Instead Weschler requested dinner in buffet’s hometown of Omaha. Apparently the two men hit it off so well Buffet extended a job offer to work for Berkshire Hathaway. Weschler thought about it for a few weeks and decided to accept the deal. Although he will have to close his hedge fund his track record will serve him well in his new position. And 81 year old Buffett can’t be expected to run the show forever. So for Weschler maybe charity does start at home.