Pay Up Prostitutes


The world’s oldest profession now requires a ticket.

Prostitutes working in the West German city of Bonn must now purchase a ticket from a parking meter-like machine before hitting the streets. In Germany the women pay income tax but because they can be hard to track down the money can be hard to collect. These new meters are designed to make sure the tax system is fairly implemented.

Tickets cost about $8 per night and any woman found working without one will face hefty fines. A spokeswoman for the city says investigators will be monitoring the system closely. She says they won’t be checking for tickets every night but often enough to make sure the city is getting their tax money. First time offenders will get a warning, the second time comes with a fine and if women are caught more than that they are banned from the area.

This will end up costing them more in the long run because the city of Bonn only allows the late night career in certain areas. Residents are hoping this will put a stop to some of the prostitution; after all who likes paying to do their job.