Traveling With Trump


If you think you travel in style; the Donald has 100 million reasons that trump you.

Earlier this summer Donald Trump took his new private Boeing 757 on her maiden voyage from New York to Washington, D.C. now he’s giving you an inside look at his $100 million plane. The 43 seat jet features a private bedroom, private bathroom, and boardroom and movie theater. And everything from the bathroom fixtures to the seat belts is 24 karat gold.

The main cabin area has several rows of plush wide seats and couches that surround meeting tables or flat screen televisions. The Donald even has his own channel on all the TV’s on board that contains a list of his favorite shows and movies. All of the plane’s high ceilings are covered in suede and re-finished wood runs along the sides of the aircraft.

And in case you should forget who you are traveling with; the Trump family name and crest are on almost every surface. For an inside tour of Trump’s new mode of transportation click the video link. Seems not everyone is grounded by the weak economy.