Adopting Animals


Looking for a four legged friend; consider adoption.

Some people head to the breeders for the family pet. But if that route will break your bank there is a less expensive alternative. Michael Levy is the president and founder of Pet Food Express; a northern California chain of pet stores. He says three of his stores now have cat adoption centers. Levy says they don’t bring in much of a profit for the business but he feels helping animals find a home is the right thing to do.

“There’s just still so many pets out there that need homes why not go that route. I mean you’re rescuing a pet it’s going to be every bit as good possibly better than to go out and buy. You’re going to wind up spending the same amount of time and care wherever you get your dog or your cat so think rescue first.”

Levy says dogs and cats are available for adoption year round. But if you’re looking to start young he says there are hundreds of kittens right now looking for a home. It might not be good for business but it still pays off.