Resume Saving Words


If you want your resume to make it to the top of the pile; there are some words to edit out.

The competition for a job is tough and it all starts with the resume. Career consultants say if there are words on your resume that don’t pass the “so what anyone can make that claim test” then leave it off. Now is not the time to blend in and play it safe. You should also leave off words that are unsupported claims of greatness such as excellent and effective. Calling yourself an outstanding manager doesn’t make it true for the person reading your resume.

Other words should be avoided because they are considered standard for employment. These include “motivated” and “a good worker.” Instead list your accomplishments. Get specific and mention certain details like saving the company money or increasing production. All potential employers are looking for the same thing when it comes to the bottom line.

For more words to avoid and a few that will make you stand out keep reading. You only get a few words to state your case; better make sure they’re the right ones.

Words to Avoid
1. Outstanding
2. Effective
3. Strong
4. Exceptional
5. Good
6. Excellent
7. Driven
8. Motivated
9. Seasoned
10. Energetic

Words to Use
1. Created
2. Increased
3. Reduced
4. Improved
5. Developed
6. Researched
7. Accomplished
8. Won
9. On time
10. Under budget