The Three Year Glitch


The seven year itch is irritating couples sooner, and your fast paced worklife could be to blame.

According to a survey of 2,000 British adults, the tipping point for relationships now comes around the three year mark. Judi James oversaw the survey. She says longer working hours and money concerns are taking an early toll on relationships. James says the stress is leading to more solo vacations and more weekends away from each other.

The poll compared feedback from people who had been together for less than three years to couples who have been in it for the long run. 67% of those polled say minor irritations in the beginning of a relationship quickly turn major around the three year mark. James says as we get older romance gives way to day-to-day responsibilities. And these days’ people are busier than ever. 55% of people in a long term relationship say they have to work some quality time together into their busy schedules.

The top three problems in relationships were weight gain, money troubles and excessive work hours. Maybe it’s time to reconnect, your long hours and paycheck won’t keep you warm at night.