Oscar's Lucky Losers


There’s no business like show business; win or lose.

Hollywood wrapped up its star studded award season last week with the granddaddy of all prizes; the Academy Awards. And while they say it’s an honor to just be nominated, losing isn’t half bad either.

The Oscar swag bag was put together by the marketing company distinctive assets for the nominees that didn’t score a statue. And according to the New York Post this year’s gift, totaled more than $223,000.

The most expensive consolation prize was a $200,000 orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic. And if a trip through space won’t lift their spirits they can head to the Indian Ocean. Here they can enjoy a four night stay at a luxury resort which features an underwater spa in the Maldives. And if that $16,000 getaway doesn’t revitalize them; the $200 black caviar eye and neck cream should do the trick. To see what else the night’s biggest losers picked up just keep reading. Winning isn’t everything, especially when you can lose like this.

Oscar Prizes
$200,000: An orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic (allowing nominees to be among the first to fly the friendly skies of space — kind of).

$16,000: Four-night stay at the Huvafen Fushi luxury resort in the Indian Ocean from Premier Tours, featuring an underwater spa in the Maldives (for those tough weeks when a terrestrial spa just won’t do).

$200: Black caviar eye and neck cream from J. Holly International (even celeb skin sometimes feels a little fishy).

$4,850: One-week “fitness and weight-loss” retreat from Live in Fitness (helpful after noshing on all those black truffles and sipping flutes of champagne).

$100: Pack of electronic cigarettes adorned with Swarovski crystals from blu Cigs (because Nicorette doesn’t offer diamond-studded gum — yet).

$20: “Shimmer” toilet paper roll from KimzHollywood List (they may not be bringing home Oscar gold, but these nominees shall have bathroom gold).

$12,000: Use of a private island for five days, “including private houseman” from APrivateIsland.com

$14.99: NOZIN “all natural” nasal spray